A Few Acres of Snow (French)

A Few Acres of Snow: An exciting adventure of conflict and conquest



The game starts out with each player choosing a side, either French or British. Both sides have advantages:

The British player starts out with more money and more opportunities for buying (and using) weapons.

The French player starts out with more area for expansion and the possibility to win by conquering the entire board.

picture 1

The French player (in blue) and the British player (in red) place their pieces on each designated initial city


pictire 2

Each player receives the corresponding city cards

Now the conquest begins!

picture 3

To settle a city, the player must have the card representing the starting location and the appropriate resources and transportation.

The British player strikes first, going from New Haven to settle Deerfield with a canoe and settlers.

The French player responds in an attempt to quickly settle the entire board.

pictre 4

At the bottom of each card are the actions it can perform. A player can use the card for only one action (for example: the Quebec card, which is the best city card for the French player, can be used for 2 money, weapons, settlers, or a ship).

picture 5

Sieges are bound to happen and will likely be easier for the British player. The Siege Track keeps track of who is winning the siege.

picture 6

Cards are played back and forth in an attempt to win the siege through military force (or in some cases, a protection or fortification card).

picture 4

Players can purchase empire cards to use to settle land and build up a military.

picture 7

As the French player (blue) settlers more land, the British player must work quickly to conquer Quebec by sieging Louisburg or another nearby port city!

picture 8

Too little too late- the French player ran out of cities and has settled all of the land. This means it’s an automatic win for the French!