Session Report Yu-gi-Oh

Session Report 1
Forrest Hudson
HY 300

I am playing a deck that is highly focused on a Warrior and Magician theme. I have no idea what kind of deck my opponent is using, but I know he is a veteran player and will be well versed in whatever deck he chooses and its finite intricacies. We are playing where each player starts out with 4,000 Life Points. Time to battle!


1. We both draw our opening 5 cards, but I win the coin flip so I go first and draw a card to start my 1st turn. I set “Dark Blade” (1800 atk/1500 def) in face up attack position, and set 1 face down trap card and end my turn.


1b. My opponent draws his card and sets one monster in face down defense position and ends his turn.


2. I draw a card to start my turn, and then begin to think. From previous experience I know most monsters set face down can be high defense or have a positive effect for my opponent. Yet, I tread on and play “Neo the Magic Swordsman” (1700 atk/1000 def) in face up attack position. Then against my better judgment I attack his facedown defense monster with “Dark Blade”. The attack is successful, but his monster “Witch of the Black Forest” has an effect to add a monster to my opponent’s hand that has a defense of 1500 or less, but he must show it me. He chooses “Mataza the Zapper” who can attack twice each turn. I end my turn.

2b. My opponent draws a card, and then sets a face down defense position monster and a face down magic or trap card and ends his turn.


3. I draw a card to start my turn, and then play “Nin-Kin Dog” (1800 atk/1000 def) in face up attack position, but my opponent activates the trap card “Trap Hole” which destroys a monster with a 1000+ atk when it is summoned, and “Nin-Kin Dog” is destroyed. Yet I still have two monsters on the field, so I let “Neo the Magic Swordsman” attack his face down defense position monster, and it’s destroyed (due to my attack being higher than its defense). Then Dark Blade attacks his “Life Points” directly and he loses 1800 “Life Points” (he has 2200 remaining), and I end my turn.

3b. My opponent draws, and thinks for a while before he makes a move. He only has 2200 “Life Points” left, and if he does not do something quickly I will win next turn with the combined power of my two monsters on the field. He then sets two face down trap or magic cards and a face down defense position monster and ends his turn. His body language has stayed the same; not sure if the face down cards are bluffs or not.

4. I draw my opening card and begin to think what my next move should be. On a basic surface level I have the clear advantage. I have more monsters and more life points, but he has 2 face down cards, so I must calculate my next move. I decide to attack with “Dark Blade” against his face down monster, but as soon as I declare my attack he activates the trap card “Gravity Bind”. This is a continual trap card that does not allow monsters of level 4 or higher to attack (both my monsters are level 4). Therefore I end my turn, but I have a trick up my sleeve as well.

4b. My opponent draws his card and then plays the “Graceful Charity” magic card which allows him to draw 3 cards but must then discard 2. Yet, as soon as he plays that card I chain activate my trap card “Dust Tornado” which allows me to destroy any one trap or magic card and choose to destroy the pesky “Gravity Bind” that keeps me from attacking. My opponent does not look pleased. He thens discards the 2 required cards that “Graceful Charity” requires and then sets another face down defense postion monster and plays the “Ookazi” magic card. This card does 800 direct damage to my life points (I have 3200 remaining), and he ends his turn.


5. I draw my card, and decide it’s time to be aggressive. My opponent is picking up some steam, and I want to finish this as quickly as possible. I decide to play the magic card “Reinforcement of the Army” which allows me to add any level 4 or lower warrior-type monster from my deck to my hand; I choose “Celtic Guardian” (1400 atk/1200 def) (one of my personal favorites) and then summon him to the field. “Neo the Magic Swordsman” attacks the far right face down monster of my opponent, and successfully destroys it and “Dark Blade” does the same to the remaining monster. I end my turn.


5b. Opponent draws a card, and sets one face down defense position monster and ends his turn. He looks somewhat annoyed.


6. I draw my card, and then play one face down trap card. I feel very confident I am going to win this turn, so “Dark Blade” attacks successfully against his facedown monster. Then “Neo the Magic swordsman” attacks him directly (-1700) putting him at 500 remaining life points then “Celtic Guardian” attacks him directly (-1400) and finishes off the remaining life points. I win
Game Over.


*Closing Remarks- I did not get to play any stronger monsters that require sacrifice, but then again I didn’t really need them either. My opponent seemed to get the short of the stick in respects to card drawing luck. I have played him many times before and it is usually a much closer match.