Sales n’ Sanity

            (Based on true retail experiences)                    Sales n’ Sanity is an area control and sabotage game in which two competing players are vying for a promotion in a small town retail establishment.  Players must complete various sales goals and ensure their areas …


Twilight Struggle Session Report

Game Marrero – USA player Elizabeth Blakney – USSR player Early War Play begins with both countries placing influence throughout the countries that existed during the Cold War. Turn one Both the United States and the Soviets begin peacefully doing their own thing. No military operations Headline phase The 5 Year Plan card is headlied …


A Few Acres of Snow (French)

A Few Acres of Snow: An exciting adventure of conflict and conquest   The game starts out with each player choosing a side, either French or British. Both sides have advantages: The British player starts out with more money and more opportunities for buying (and using) weapons. The French player starts out with more area for …


Gamification of Education

The key to “gamifying” education is a balanced approach designed to facilitate a desire to learn in and out of the classroom. The goal is to make learning a more fun an engaging process tailored to meet each child at his or her level to achieve their personal best.