Trail To The Chief

Welcome to TRAIL TO THE CHIEF the presidential race board game! Here you will race around the country, campaigning to become more popular and collecting electoral votes from states you visit and win, while hoping to earn helpful BENEFITS and avoid SCANDALS that would hinder your campaign. At the end of the race, the candidate with the most electoral votes wins, and will be elected the new President of the United States! Good Luck!

2-4 Players

1. Each player selects and candidate

2. Roll the four sided die to determine who goes first.

3. Each blank space you stop on earns you popularity points (2-10) which are used to win a state that you stop on.

4. After a player lands on a state, each other player gets their turn, and a chance to contest your winning of that state. If contested, roll the die to determine who wins the state (highest roll wins).