League of Legends… lol

This was a Ranked Match with Blind Champion picks, I happen to be playing in the Gold division. After a 1 minute wait and everyone has accepting the game, the team began to debate on what champions needed to be banned. The decision on the banning was based on what champions we thought would counter our team composition. Kass, Brand, and Urgot seemed to be the unified decision of the group. After our banning we went about picking our champions that best suited our skill and I ended up playing Pantheon the Assassin.


As the match began I fought bottom lane by myself against a support and ADC, at this point it does look helpless for me to gain any coin from minion kills with 2 champions keeping me off the front line. But, with two champions pushing the minion waves, the minions would reach me at my tower where I could receive gold under the protection of my defensive tower. While sitting under the tower, the opposing two players became aggravated by my excessive poking of damage and decided to dive me under my own tower. A bold but foolish move, for when they moved in, I stunned the ADC who then began to receive damage from the tower while not able to do any damage to me. This lead to his death and allowed a quick and easy kill for me when I was a level higher than the support and was able to eliminate his threat quickly. After killing them both and receiving much gold, I proceeded to push my minion waves to their tower to destroy it and relieve my lane of the pressure of a bottom tower.


After my success down bot I was able to retreat back to my base to purchase better equipment and then attend to my fellow teammates in their lane to help them succeed in defeating their designated tower. As my team was relatively successful at destroying their lanes’ towers, the enemy team took a risky move and trying to quickly assault the monster Baron so that they could receive a massive gold bonus and a buff to help them recover from the low position they had obtained. My team quickly reacted by placing wards on baron and allowing the enemy team to attack the creature, this strategic move was to allow the Baron soften up the enemy team. As soon as our team saw that Baron was low and the enemy team had taken significant damage, I decided to use my ultimate move to land in the middle of the team to do massive damage and my team followed me into the fray to eliminate the team quickly and steal the buff that Baron would have given them.

maxresdefault 22

This position that the enemy team was now in was not a good one. After being dominated early game, and then eliminated at every attempt the made to regain ground, unfortunately they found themselves in a position of just waiting to lose. Slowly my team pushed all the minion waves up to the nexus of the enemy. The enemy team did try to resist but every attempt to step out and meet my team in combat lead to their champion quickly being dispatched. In the end my team destroyed the Nexus and came out successful. It was a quick game but I found myself playing with players that were not as skilled as I and this lowered the challenge which in part lowered my complete interest in the match. Otherwise it was a good match and everyone played their best.