NFL QB ’13

Forrest Hudson

NFL QB ’13 is a tablet or smart phone game based around the United States’ form of football. While it is based on the U.S. version of football it is not a full football game, but rather what many people call “7on7”. This is basically just the quarterback and receivers versus the linebackers and secondary. I started the game by picking a team for my character to be on, the Atlanta Falcons, picked his jersey number, skin color, and last name. After navigating through some promotional screens and pop ups from the game to buy player boosts I got to the game itself.


Tutorial– Pretty basic gaming tutorial. Told me how to pass (swiping on the screen much like scrolling), how to bend the balls flight path in air, stressed leading receivers with throws, and other helpful and essential basics.


Pre-game – Once the game began to start me paused it to take a more in depth look at game screen and what was on it. Unfortunately, the pause screen only shows 3 options (play, retry, and exit), and I cannot look in depth at game screen itself. So I begin to play the game.


1st pass– I realize I start on my own 45 yard line, or so it seems, the game does not make this clear. As the play starts I notice a receiver brakes open over the middle and I swipe my finger towards him and the pass is complete for 34 yards. The game grants me 52,000 points, not sure how he scoring system works, and it moves me onto the next play.


2nd pass– Interestingly I notice I start this play back where I was originally, and not where the last play ended. Scoring touchdowns with this style of game mechanics could be hard; 55 yard touchdowns aren’t the easiest things in the world to come by! As the play starts and progresses and I notice my far left receiver is single covered streaking down the sideline, and I swipe a pass his way. Yet, I swipe too far and far sails over his head and goes out of bounds incomplete. Then I notice I lose a life. Down to two lives now.


3rd pass– My inside receiver on the left beats the defender off the line and I swipe a pass to him right before the safety gets to the ball, and my receiver catches the ball at the 15 yard line. Just as I start to expect the next play to begin my receiver breaks two tackles and runs in for a touchdown. I am awarded 745,080 points! Still not sure what the points mean or do. Seems like a kind of gaudy and high number for 1 touchdown. Almost a very “Arcade game” type feel.


4th pass– The play starts and no really breaks open, but I think I see my inside left receiver break open again. As I swipe up on the screen to throw the ball I realize he is double covered by two defenders and the ball is intercepted. I was expecting lose some points, but all that happened was the loss of a life. I have 1 left.


5th pass– The play starts and I immediately notice my outside left receiver breaks open and I swipe another pass his way; he catches it and runs to the 8 yard line before he is tackled. I gain 151,692 points.


6th pass– The play starts and I wait and wait for a receiver to get open, but none of them do. Finally one of the receivers, not sure which, begins running back towards me and I swipe him a pass on the 20 yard line. He is immediately hit by a defender, but runs him over. Then at the 5 yard line he hurdles over another defender and runs into the end zone for another touchdown! I am awarded 598, 688 points!


7th pass– The play starts and spontaneously decide to see how far my quarterback can throw it, I see my outside right receiver has a little bit of a step on the defender and I swipe a pass as far and fast as my finger will go. The receiver catches the ball, in stride, at the 4 yard line and runs into the end zone. I gain 487,000 points. I notice that one of my score multipliers was “x3”, because I have completed 3 passes in a row.


8th pass– The next play I once again could not find any open receiver and I waited and just as I was about to pass a defender came up and I was sacked, and lost my final life. GAME OVER.


**Summary- Overall a very good sports themed game. Individual games are not too time consuming, and are very fun. Easy to learn, and I highly enjoyed it. B+ game.