Thunderstone: Wrath of the Elements!

The Basics: Thunderstone is a deck building card game developed and published by the Alderac Entertainment Group. At the beginning of the game 4 types of heroes, 3 random dungeon monster types, and 8 random village cards are placed on the “playing field.” The idea of the game is to power up your heroes, purchase upgrades and equipment, and fight the dungeon monsters until the powerful Thunderstone appears in the dungeon. Whenever the Thunderstone appears, whoever has the most victory points is declared the winner.

My Session: While the game is able to be played with up to 5 people, my friend and I were running low on time so we decided to just play a 2 player game.


-The randomized heroes we ended up with on our adventure were the Toryn, Outlander, Gohlen, and Regian.


-The randomized monsters we’d end up fight were the Abyssals, Undead: Doom, and then Undead: Spirits


-The randomized village cards we’d be able to purchase were Magic Missiles, Claymore, Battle Fury, Town Guard, Tax Collector, Lantern, Foresight Elixir, and Banish. 


 —Early on in the game I made sure to purchase the Toryn and Outlander heroes, as they were the strongest and would help me kill the dungeon monsters. My friend on the other hand decided he wanted to buy almost all of the Town Guard village cards, not buying any heroes until well into the game.

 —–I started destroying monsters around my 6th or 7th turn, with help from the Battle Fury village cards which added +1 Attack to each of my heroes.

 Both of us combined ended up buying all of the Lantern, Magic Missile, Battle Fury, and Town Guard village cards, without even touching a single one of the other four.

 —–My friend didn’t kill his first monster until his 17th turn.

 I reached a point where I didn’t draw a single hero or spell card and it didn’t have enough gold to visit the village, so I ended up having to rest three times in a row and destroyed 3 out of my 6 militia. In these 3 turns I was doing nothing, my friend ended up defeating three VERY powerful monsters (Lord of Death, Tormentor, and Wraith.)

 —–It was in the 30th turn that the Thunderstone made it’s way to the dungeon, and on the 31st turn my friend defeated the monster that allowed him to capture the Thunderstone.

 After counting up our victory points, it had seemed that we had come to a tie of 40-40. However, since my friend had managed to capture the Thunderstone, he would end up with the victory, as the Thunderstone acts as a tie-breaker in those situations.