Turn 1: Went to the village and bought a dwarf guardian with the amount of gold value the cards in my hand possessed.

Turn 2: Went to the village again and bought a blacksmith card which gives me the option to get 2 extra gold or draw an extra card after purchasing a weapon from the village.

Turn 3: Played my blacksmith card to gain 2 additional gold and purchased a polearm weapon which adds 2 additional attack or 6 additional attack to a soldier with 8 or more strength.

Turn 4: Attached my two daggers to my dwarf guardian giving him 6 attack because they are edged weapons and with my two militia had enough attack points to kill the Bronze Golem monster.

Turn 5: Decided to rest since I could not attack a monster or buy something from the village so I destroyed the Bronze Golem from the previous turn since I cannot use it for anything.

Turn 6: Bought the Creeping Death from the village which gives the opponent players a disease card ad reduces the health of all the monsters in the dungeon by two.

Turn 7: Went to the village and bough a Tavern Brawl card which can allow me the chance to destroy one of my opponents hero cards, as long as the hero card I discard from my hand is stronger.

Turn 8: Went to the village and purchased a Runespawn Adept which gains +2 magic attack and gives all other heroes in my hand 2 additional strength when I enter the dungeon .

Turn 9: Rested and discarded a militia card.

Turn 10: Attached my polearm to my dwarf guardian giving him an attack of 5, played my creeping death card to reduce all monsters health in the dungeon by two, and along with the militia in my hand defeated the Mythl Urian.

Turn 11: Went to the village and bought an Amulet of Power which gives all the heroes in my hand an additional 3 strength.

Turn 12: Spent 3 experience at the village to upgrade my Runespawn Adept to a Runespawn Siren which has +3 magic attack, gives my other heroes +3 strength in the dungeon and along with the additional strenghth the other players have to discard one card.

Turn 13: Purchased a Flaming Sword from the village which gives an additional +3 magic attack.

Turn 14: Went to the dungeon to kill a Horde.

Turn 15: Went to the dungeon; played my Amulet of Power giving my dwarf 8 strength, enough to fight the Iron Golem; my Runespawn Siren forced the other players to discard one card; attached the polearm and dagger to the Dwarf giving him an additional +6 attack since they are edged weapons on top of the +6 attack from the the polearm because the dwarf has 8 strength giving him 12 attack.

Turn 16: Went to the village and purchased a claymore which gives +5 attack and sends a monster with 1 or 2 victory points to my discard pile.

Turn 17: Went to the dungeon; used two torches and attached the flaming sword to y Runespawn Siren and killed a Bronze Golem.

Turn 18: Upgraded my Dwarf Guardian to a Dwarf Janissary.

Turn 19: Went to the village and purchased a tax collector which gives me 1 gold for each additional player or a gold value equivalent to my opponents discarded cards.

Turn 20: Used tow torches and an Amulet of Power, light value of 4, to kill a Horde with my Runespawn Siren and two militia.

Turn 21: Attached my claymore and dagger to my Dwarf Janissary giving him +13 attack and I killed an Iron Golem. The clayores side effect is I add a monster with 1 or 2 life value to my discard pile without gaining the experience.

Turn 22: Went to the village and purchased the Creeping Death.

Turn 23: Rested and discarded the Iron Golem.

Turn 24: Went to the village and purchased a polearm.

Turn 25: Used a claymore with my Dwarf Janissary and a militia to kill a horde.

Turn 26: Upgraded my Runespawn Siren to a Runespawn Witch (Burn Her!!!)

Turn 27: Used my Runespawn Witch, two milita, and my polearm to defeat skaladak. The Witch gave a militia 6 strength so the polearm gave him an additional attack. After I defeated skaladak I had to destroy a weapon card in my hand so it had to be the polearm.

Turn 28: Went to the village and bought a polearm.

Turn 29: The game ended because the Thunderstone made it to the first dungeon spot.