Yu Gi-Oh

Turn 1: Draw seven cards to start the duel. Decided I would go second. Drew one card to start my turn, placed two trap cards face down and played a monster card face up in attack position and ended my turn.

Turn 2: Drew a card to start my turn; in between turns my monster card was destroyed and I lost 1000 life points which put me down to 3000. Placed another trap and monster card facedown and ended my turn.

Turn 3: Played a trap card destroying my opponent’s monster, still lost 700 life points which put me down to 2300. Attached a magic card giving my monster an additional 1000 attack points. Also placed another monster on the field in attack position. Lost 1000 life points because of a trap card which put me down to 1300 life points.

Turn 4: Drew a card, placed a trap card face down, sacrificed one monster to summon a stronger monster, but I can’t attack since my opponent played a trap card preventing me from attacking.

Turn 5: Attacked my opponents monster causing him to lose 1800 life points, putting him down to 4000, and then I attacked him directly with my second monster causing him to lose 2300 life points, which put him down to 1700.

Turn 6: Placed another trap card face down, played a magic card allowing me to destroy his monster card, can’t attack for three more turns because of a magic card my opponent played.

Turn 7: Played a monster card, still cannot attack for another two turns. Just took 800 life point damage from a magic card my opponent played so now I am down to 500.

Turn 8: Did nothing since I cannot attack until my next turn.

Turn 9: One of my monster cards was destroyed because of the effect of my opponent’s monster. Played a magic card destroying his monster, lost 200 life points attacking his face down card, now down to 300 life points, and attacked with y second monster destroying his. Due to the effect of his monster I cannot attack for two turns.

Turn 10: Played a magic card allowing me to draw a new card after discarding the one from my hand, summoned a new monster, ended my turn. Lost because my opponent played a magic card reducing my life points by 800.