King of Tokyo



King of Tokyo is a tabletop game that was designed by Richard Garfield. The game was released in 2011 and has since been highly awarded, leading to expansion pieces and a spin off game, King of New York. Players choose a monster to play as and are each given a score keeper that keeps track of each player’s health and victory points. The winner is the first to reach 20 victory points or the last monster standing. A quick how to play video can be viewed here: http://

One interesting mechanic of the game is being able to re-roll dice, sort of like in Yahtzee. When a player rolls their 6 dice they are able to pick and choose which dice they want to keep as rolled, and which they would like to re-roll. The player has the re-rolling option twice for every turn.

If I were to roll this hand: IMG_8901

I could chose to keep the 1, 2 and monster claw and re-roll the second monster crawl and the second 2 to get a 1,2,and 3 which equals one victory point, as well as one energy in addition to the health heart and the attack claw that I had already rolled. Depending on what your monster is lacking or needing determines what you are aiming for through the re-rolls.


Although this aspect of the game draws from Yahtzee, the addition of symbols on the dice that can either heal your monster, gain energy and attack other monsters, is a mechanic that is not often seen in other games and makes the King of Tokyo as fun and memorable as it is.