Ticket to Ride


Distributed by game publisher ‘Days of Wonder’, Ticket to Ride (2004) was a created in the style of a German board game or “Euro-game” and as with other games of its type it is characterized by a relatively simplistic ruleset, short to medium playing time, and indirect conflict via the accumulation of points. The game was developed by renowned English game designer Alan R. Moon and earned the game’s publisher their very first Spiel des Jahres. Although the theme, as with most “Euro-games”, is largely inconsequential, the game’s narrative establishes each player as competing railroad tycoons working against one another in order to build the longest train. The mechanic involves some manner of luck, through drawing cards, as well a fair amount of strategic play, through placement of trains etc. The game is easy to learn, boasts a high replay value, and while it is relatively devoid of any clear deeper meaning or theme, it serves as a gateway into the burgeoning board-game renaissance and is fun to play.

Complete Overview and How to Play: