Sales n’ Sanity







(Based on true retail experiences)



           Sales n’ Sanity is an area control and sabotage game in which two competing players are vying foSnS 2r a promotion in a small town retail establishment.  Players must complete various sales goals and ensure their areas of the store remains in working condition to impress the corporate office.  Sales n’ Sanity seeks to provide its audience with an idea of what some people working in retail actually experience on the job.  The various situations that players encounter throughout the game are based on the real life experiences of the creators and will probably leave you in shock.  In-game situations seek to hinder the progress of either player and can be used to aggressively sabotage each other and drive each other towards insanity.  



SnS 3

SnS 2

           You dropped out of high school when you were 16 and have been working a dead end retail job for 8 years and have slowly worked your way up to becoming assistant manager. Marshall, the store manager, has stepped down amidst sexual harassment charges in the workplace. Corporate seeks to promote within the store and will be choosing between you or the other assistant manager. The promotion will be rewarded to whichever player exhibits the most prowess in running and maintaining the store. Watch out! Retail is not for the feint of heart. Your opponent will do anything to see you fail and customers will drive you INSANE!!

In order to impress the corporate, the assistant managers must:

  • Accumulate a minimum of $2400 in total sales
  • Meet sales goals in exactly 4 sections of the store
  • Ensure each section under your control has zero obstructions


Once the following requirements are met and Corporate is satisfied with your performance you may travel to the Manager’s Office and receive your promotion.


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SnS 5

By: Gabe Alterio, Dustin Barnett, Elizabeth Blackney, Addison Daniel.