Going crazy for Bohnanza!

This game involves two farmers who are both struggling to make ends meet this season and both are doing whatever it takes to provide for their families. These two farmers are going to trade and maneuver their way to collecting the most gold coins by trading their beans. Each beans have different coin value, so each farmer will be on his toes and trying to outwit the other. May the best farmer win!
The game started out as this game does with a few small trades and both farmers out to good starts and both are well on there way to collecting gold coins. Farmer Joe has took the easier road and planted coffee beans which are worth the least and takes several beans in order to collect gold coins as for his family. Hank he takes his hand for one of the more rare beans and is hoping that the majority of the black eyed beans cards are in soon in the deck to come. (Picture seen below)


The game pushes on as both farmers take completely different strategies as stated earlier and both are staying true to their wits as Hank goes for the more rare cards and Joe is trying to collect beans. Based on the picture below one would think that Joe with the more cards has the edge but if you look closer you can see that Hank has a significant edge over Joe and will soon be cashing those beans into gold coins. (Picture seen below)


IMG_4303 000



Both players are on the same track and are using the same strategies as before based on the picture below it looks as if Joe has more gold coins which is correct but Hank has cashed in three of his coins in order to plant a third field which he is hoping will pay dividends throughout the rest of the game and increase the chances of him being able to plant cards. (Picture seen below)

IMG_4304 asfasdasdad

The game would progress on and finally Joe decided to invest in a third bean field, and eventually Hank would get nervous at the fact that Joe was catching up with him and Hank thought his strategy of hanging on to the cards worth the most could end up back firing due to the fact that only two people were playing and the odds would not be in his favor, so Hank switched tactics. This was probably the deal breaker in the game as Hank collected several more coins and had a significant advantage with only a small of the deck available. (Picture seen below)

IMG_4305 asdasdasdasdasdasdadsasdasdads

At the end of the game Hank ended up beating Joe by a significant amount and was able to feed his entire family for the year. Joe came in a close second place but was also able to feed his family for the entire year.

Trey Burkhalter